Sale of forklifts

Sale of forklifts

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of forklifts for sale. We offer new and used forklifts. These are devices from well-known and respected companies such as Toyota, Linde, Hyster and Manitou. Of course, they are always covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Used forklifts

Our offer also includes used forklifts. Of course, they are definitely cheaper than new ones. By choosing one, you have the guarantee that the forklifts have undergone thorough technical inspections.

New forklifts

New models of forklifts are available. We offer, among others, multi-directional trucks with all-wheel drive. The models are manoeuvrable and have flexible applications, are extremely safe, economical and very efficient. They are also designed specifically for the safe movement of goods and bulky, angular loads in a small, narrow space. Side lift trucks carry even heavier items parallel to the direction of travel and have great technical parameters. The high maneuverability of the side lift trucks makes it easy to move in gates and narrow corridors.