Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts and accessories

We sell spare parts and consumables for forklifts and construction machinery

Customers using our services can count on professional support and assistance in the selection of specific spare parts. We have a full range of products, we know their exact technical specifications and we know how to match a given element to a forklift or another transport device.

Parts in the original version

For people who have forklifts under warranty, we recommend original parts from reputable manufacturers. Our offer includes original accessories and parts of:

  • electronic components,
  • power hydraulics,
  • engines,
  • filtration systems,
  • tires.

Spare parts and accessories

We also offer accessories and spare parts. We are well aware that a lot of our clients are looking for substitutes and we have prepared for them:

  • elements included in the lifting system,
  • oils, fluids, greases,
  • engine parts
  • tires.

Everyone interested in placing an order is encouraged to read our product catalogue.

Our offer includes:

  • Spare parts for forklifts
  • Forklift accessories
  • Fork extensions