Pallet forklifts

Pallet forklifts

Manual and electric pallet forklifts

Pallet forklifts can be manual or electric – equipped with a drive. This model of forklifts is designed for loading and unloading pallets with goods, as well as transporting them over a short distance. Pallet forklifts are subjected to heavy loads and often work in difficult conditions. Exposed to bumps, tears or driving on uneven surfaces may require repairs and replacement of parts over time. We do all this at Lubritech, restoring your forklifts to their former efficiency as well as selling new and used pallet forklifts.


What types of pallet forklifts are we repairing?

  • Classic pallet forklifts with two forks
  • Scissor pallet forklifts
  • Drum forklifts
  • Wheelbarrows forklifts
  • Electric forklifts

Pallet forklifts repairs cover all types of damage, including leaks in oil and lubrication systems and hydraulic systems. We make repairs by replacing damaged elements with new ones of full value. We also deal with repairs of steel structure elements – cracks and dents which may weaken the structure of the and lubrication or prevent it from being used.

Pallet truck service

We also invite you to use our services such as oil change, maintenance combined with cleaning, lubrication and adjustment. We also offer repairs of typical operational damages: replacing tires (tires and inner tubes) and replacing the rollers with new ones. In electric forklifts we repair engines, propulsion and replace damaged batteries with new ones.

All work is carried out based on the recommendations and documentation of forklift manufacturers, as well as using the extensive experience of our company, gained over many years of uninterrupted operation on the Polish market. We help small companies as well as large transport, storage and logistics companies with more forklifts used, requiring regular maintenance and periodic repairs. We provide a service guarantee for all works performed.