About us

Lubritech is a family company that has been involved in the regeneration and sale of forklifts and industrial machinery parts for over 25 years, as well as their servicing.

We also manufacture specialized equipment and forks for which we issue a declaration of conformity for OTI. As one of the few on the market, we have welding licenses granted by the Office of Technical Inspection, thanks to which we can fully professionally repair and modify forklifts, overhead cranes, loading, unloading and feeding devices in technological lines.

We have OTI certificates for repairs and modernization of devices in the OTI records:

  • overhead cranes,
  • forklifts,
  • loading, unloading or feeding devices in process lines,
  • jacks,
  • mobile lift platforms,
  • warehouse stacker cranes,
  • hoists,
  • winches,
  • freight elevators,
  • Portable cranes,
  • Towed cranes,
  • Self propelled cranes,
  • Stationary cranes,
  • Rail cranes,
  • Tower cranes,
  • Container handling equipment.

We use qualified welding technologies, also of high-strength steels, and we employ authorized personnel performing welding works, supervising and controlling works. We repair damages and operational cracks and, if necessary, modernize using reinforcements and pads in consultation with the device manufacturer and based on our own experience. Activities are preceded by agreeing on the technology of the repair or modernization with OTI. We provide a comprehensive service, including accurate identification of damages as well as the performance of relevant tests and as-built documentation, including OTI acceptance.

Our company has been awarded a Certificate of a Trustworthy Company by the Institute of Consumer Research