Forklifts facilitate the daily routine of many companies. Their intensive use causes some elements or components to wear out or be damaged. Professionally carried out service, regeneration or replacement of defective elements allow for further safe and trouble-free use of the trolley.

Comprehensive repair of forklifts

We have many years of experience in the service of forklifts. Qualified employees with UDT qualifications may perform a general overhaul of the forklift. In addition, we replace individual components and damaged elements. In our forklift service you will carry out a number of works, such as: repair of the steering system, suspension, engine, braking system, power hydraulics or electrical installation. We know very well how important time is, because every day without an efficient forklift truck brings losses to the company. We make every effort to ensure that service works are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Sale of new and used forklifts

Our offer also includes the sale of forklifts. Among them there will be equipment of the most respected manufacturers, such as Toyota, Linde, Manitou and Hyster. The used forklifts offered by us are a much cheaper alternative than the purchase of new devices. Only models that have undergone thorough technical inspections and are ready for further use are available for sale.

Spare parts – a way to save in good quality

In our assortment you will also find a large selection of spare parts for forklift trucks of the most popular brands. We offer original components for Linde, Hyster, Toyota (and other) trucks, as well as functional, cheaper replacements. The components we offer have certificates and approvals, which confirms that they meet the relevant quality standards. We encourage you to use the services of our forklift service. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants.