Modernization of forklits and industral equipment

Modernization of forklits and industral equipment

Professional modernization of forklifts

Using our services you can always count on professional support. Customers are kept informed of all progress from the very beginning until the end of all works.

Our services include, among others, lowering the cabins to the container version. We have performed modernization of positioners. We also offer grippers processingmasts shortening and cabins narrowing. If necessary, we can carry out installation of additional lighting and electronic components e.g. additional control panels.

We encourage you to contact our customer service.

At the client’s request, we modernize various devices

Any repairs and modernization of technical devices must take place under the control of OTI. We have all the necessary permissions to carry out modernization and maintenance works. We employ specialists in modernization and we have modern equipment that makes it easier to carry out orders tailored to the needs of customers.