New and used tires
                     tires for forklifts and machines

Remoulding, forklift and industrial machinery tires

All equipment, machinery and forklifts require suitable tires for proper functioning. Such products must meet certain standards and should be tailored to the specific industrial machine. Cooperating with our company, you are guaranteed we have a lot of experience in choosing tires not only for forklifts.

New tires

Our offer includes tires available in many versions. We can offer tires:

  • with increased load capacity;
  • pneumatic;
  • full;
  • non-marking

Used tires

For customers who are looking for good quality tires at an affordable price, we recommend used forklift tires. Before they are sold, they undergo thorough examination and tests. We distribute tires in the Quick and Standard versions. 

Mobile press

We have the option of replacing tires at the customer’s using a mobile press.

Industrial tires

Do you need extra support choosing forklift tires? We invite you to contact us.