Fork production and regeneration

Forks are one of the most sensitive elements of forklifts. It is on them that the transported load rests, transferring its weight to the steel forks. The operator’s efficient work and safety depend on their reliability and correct performance. The forks of the forklifts are subject to natural wear during their operation. Mechanical damage, loads, as well as possible material defects can cause micro-cracks in the steel, which become larger in time. The consequence of this may be cracking in the forks, preventing further work. In this case, there is nothing else to do but replace the old forks with new ones, which are fully functional.

Lubritech deals with the production of custom made forks.

We make forks according to the manufacturer’s specifications and for individual orders, in accordance with the specified dimensions or the submitted project. We also manufacture forks for forklifts based on the elements supplied to us or based on their serial numbers. For the production of forks for forklifts we use the best steel grades that guarantee long and trouble-free use, as well as corrosion protection.

Using forks with visible or suspected damage is likely to cause a high hazard. Not only for the forklift operator but also for their surroundings. Cracking of forks may cause uncontrolled fall of the load and loss of stability of the forklift. It may lead to its overturning and crushing the operator and bystanders. Replacing the forks with new ones is one of the operational activities that must not be forgotten when using forklifts.

In our company you can order any type of forks, including:

  • Standard forks,
  • Folding forks,
  • Telescopic forks,
  • Forks with or without suspension.
  • Forks with a special surface: protective, anti-static, anti-slip,
  • Forks fastened with screws or bolts,
  • Inverted forks,
  • Undercut forks,
  • Fork extensions,
  • Loader forks.

We manufacture all forks in accordance with the applicable ISO 13284 and PN-EN ISO 12100 -1 / -2 standards, ensuring durability, safe operation and compliance with commercially available forklifts.